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Formal Volunteer Recognition Policy
Rebecca McGregor Service Award
Outstanding Service Awards
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Both University High School and the Phoenix Alliance rely in great measure on the time, energy, and generosity of our parents who make so many things possible for the good of all our students and the future of our school. We appreciate the contributions of all parents, but realize that many go the proverbial extra mile for UHS. Our formal recognition of parent volunteerism is given at three levels or tiers.


Tier 1.   
Appreciation with an e-mail letter and/or certificate:
All parents who have volunteered occasionally during a school year to chaperone, bring cookies and water, bring dishes to the teacher luncheon, decorate at the fundraiser, transport equipment, etc.

Tier 2.   
Outstanding Service Award:
Recognition of the parents of sophomores, juniors and seniors who have volunteered consistently over two or more years in a variety of capacities to help Phoenix Alliance and the school. Selected by the Phoenix Alliance Board.


Tier 3.  
The Rebecca McGregor Service Award:
Recognition of parents of graduating seniors for their transformative service over several years. Their service has had an impact on the organization of Phoenix Alliance and/or has substantially helped UHS. Nominated by their peers; nominees are reviewed and selected by the Phoenix Alliance Panel (5 members: Board President, Treasurer, Secretary, ASB Student Body President, Head of School).