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Rebecca McGregor Service Award Recipients 2011

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Left to right: Maureen Golden, Desiree Castro, Kathleen McKinley


Maureen Golden

Parent of three students for a period of 8 years; Triple Ten founding member, Phoenix Alliance Board member, co-founder of Magic of the Arts.


"Maureen has given endless support to Phoenix Alliance even when it was Triple Ten."

"The woman behind Magic of the Arts, she has also been a graceful mom to many of us, introducing the school to newcomers, sending thank you notes even for only a pack of cookies sent for a concert. I met Maureen through two of our children who played music in the same bands. I traveled on a bus for a music field trip when I was fairly new at school. Maureen made sure I was included and felt comfortable."

"Maureen Golden is a selfless, thoughtful and generous woman who has contributed greatly to the UHS community, with humility and consistency."

"For a few years she must have made personal contact with every parent when she called each home to make sure they had their MOA tickets . . . she was sort of an unofficial voice for UHS. She seems to be at every event making sure everyone knows what is happening, organizing things, passing out cookies and water, and just being the example of what the UHS community is all about."

Maureen Golden accepting her award


Desiree Castro

Parent of two students for a period of 8 years; Phoenix Alliance President, 2 years; instituted annual fundraising goals, small dinner fundraisers, a computerized accounting system.


"Desiree gives new meaning to the term public service. In addition to serving as PA president these last 2 years, she has personally been involved in the success of every event at UHS."

"Desiree has worked very hard to draw in new members of Phoenix Alliance and to give as many people as possible a role to play . . . her charm and enthusiasm invest every meeting with a sense of fun so it is easy to be involved and easy to give more time and energy than you expected to give."

"Désiré has been instrumental in bringing many active parents to UHS. She is a tireless advocate of UHS and has invested a tremendous amount of time and money to make sure UHS reaches its potential."

"Desiree has given tirelessly in her continuous support of UHS, from fund raising, cheerleading, coaching, inspiring and even recruiting many students before there was a waiting list . . . a true ambassador for UHS who embodies the true spirit of the Rebecca McGregor award."

Rebecca McGregor presenting the award
to Desiree Castro


Kathleen McKinley

Parent of two students over a period of 7 years; Phoenix Alliance Board member; Phoenix Alliance President, 1 year; co-founder of Magic of the Arts; CSUF Arts and Humanities Representative sitting on the University High School Board of Directors.


"Kathleen McKinley was an early supporter of University High School and an early member of Phoenix Alliance."

"Kathleen has been a passionate voice for the arts and for developing excellence in curriculum and performance for the students of UHS. She has tirelessly advocated for more and better opportunities for students to perform . . . she developed an apprentice stage manager position so that students could learn the art of stage management during the MOA experience."

"One of the founders of MOTA, Kathleen has been involved since its inception, running the back of the house at EVERY performance. It is safe to say that MOTA is what it is in huge part because of her influence and involvement each year."

"In addition, Kathleen has served as PA president, been involved in many PA and UHS events over the time that she has been a parent at UHS, and has for the past three years also benefited UHS by serving on the board of directors. Kathleen is passionate about UHS and its programs and is very deserving of this recognition."

Kathleen McKinley accepting her award